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Attend our workshops in Montreal to learn more about working with mycelium and growing mushrooms at home or in the garden

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Gift Certificate

Offer the gift of culture with this Homegrow Mushrooms ...

Base price: $25.00
Price / kg:
Valeur - Value

Workshop - Introduction to Applied Mycology

Workshop covering easy and efficient mycelium reproduction ...

Base price: $65.00
Price / kg:
Dates Intro à la mycologie appliquée

Workshop - Jardiner Avec Les champignons

Atelier au Jardin - Découvrez le merveilleux monde des ...

Base price: $55.00
Price / kg:

Workshop - Setting up Home Lab

Teaching techniques of homemade laboratory, in a DIY / ...

Base price: $55.00
Price / kg:
Dates - Atelier Laboratoire Maison