Workshop - Setting up Home Lab

Teaching techniques of homemade laboratory, in a DIY / MycoHacking perspective.
5520 suite 204 Chabot, Montreal, H2H2S7
2 types de mycélium se déployant sur carton
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Mycology + BioHacking = MycoHacking


Transforming your own kitchen into a myco-laboratory for a single night is now easier than you ever thought!


Level : Intermediate (we recommend to participants of having previously attented to our 'Introduction to applied mycology' or already knowing the basics of mycology)
Objective : Stimulate autonomy of amateur mycologists by teaching knowledge and practical skills of modern mycelium laboratories basics.
Duration : 3 hours (half theoretical / half practice)


Théoretical part :

  • - Fungal reign, mushroom reproduction cycles and laboratory techniques (spore-print, tissue culture, mycelium propagation)

  • - Culture materials: conventional practices and innovations made from domestic residual upcycling (petri plate dish - agar culture - simple sugar / glassware - domestical residuals)

  • - Environnement and culture instruments: sterilization, pasteurization, pollution reduction, immune stimulation.

  • - Homemade strategies: glovebox, laminar flow, sharp flame, liquid culture.


Practical part:


Demonstration of techniques learned during theoretical part.

Every participant will be leaving with their own isolated culture made during the workshop


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**Double dose special event, possibily to attend both workshops on the same day at a discount price**



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